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Voice Overs By Veterans

Headquartered in Colorado, Warrior Voices is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization that exclusively trains and employs military veterans and their spouses as voice actors and voice over artists. Warrior Voices also provides free audio recording equipment and sound booths to its graduating students.

Warrior Voices and Edge Studio To Introduce Free Online VO Academy For Military Veterans

Edge Studio is America's leading provider of educational programming for aspiring and working voice actors. We are proud to support Warrior Voices in their efforts to provide veterans with opportunities to explore voice acting as an option for reintegrating into the workforce.

Edge Studio is providing, without charge, all the educational material available on the Warrior Voices website. It is a very small contribution compared to what our veterans have given in service.


Jeff Augustine is as easy to work with as they come, with a solid reputation and classic Midwestern accent, ensuring a voice performance that is authentic, relevant, and relatable.

Warrior Voices

Warrior Voices™ Management

With a direct focus on disabled military veterans, the primary goal of the Warrior Voices Management Team is to train and employ veterans and their spouses in the area of voice acting and voice over services.